Recruiting For Jihad

For three years a well-known Norwegian extremist gives unique access
to his everyday life until he is arrested for recruiting for ISIS.


TV series in four parts
written and directed by Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen

Gullruten award for best Norwegian TV drama 2012

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“A really great thriller”


“Suspenseful until the very end”


“A titillating thriller”


Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen

Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen (born 4 May 1972)  is a Norwegian film director, producer and writer. He is best known for his action drama IZZAT (2005), his TV series TAXI (2011) and documentaries  Frivillig Tvang (2014) and The Norwegian Islamist (in post production).  In 2012 he founded the Oslo based production company Curry Film as. Other films directed by him include the crime thriller Varg Veum – Bitter Flowers (2007) comissioned by German TV ARD Degeto, the slacker comedy The Last Joint Venture (2008) and the low budget sequel to Izzat, HARAM (2014).

Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen is currently directing two episodes of IN THE DARK, a four-part drama produced by BBC in Manchester, UK, written by Bafta-winning writer Danny Brocklehurst (Ordinary Lies, The Driver, Exile) for BBC One. Adapted from the books by best-selling novelist Mark Billingham, Expected release late 2016.

Written work

Rolfsen's bestselling novel GASS (The Pipeline), is a sequel to TAXI. This is his first serialized novel. Read it now

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