Press release from Curry Film AS, April 19 2016:

On the occasion that Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen is directing a new BBC-produced series, Curry film AS has released Rolfsen’s NRK series TAXI as video on demand on own website.

The rights to distribute TAXI for streaming have been transfered from from NRK to Curry Film, who can now distribute the series throughout the entire world (with the exception of the Benelux-countries, where the rights were already sold). TAXI won the Gullruten award for best Norwegian drama series of 2011, and laid the foundation for Ulrik’s first English language production. TAXI can be watched on Curry Film’s website:

– “I was saddened to learn that NRK could not release TAXI on their online player, and I was glad when I was able to buy back the rights to the series.” , Ulrik states. “Now everyone can watch the series, I am very proud of it. It’s about making the content available to the audience. It is for them that I keep producing”

Director Ulrik Imtiaz has this week started preparations as director for the BBC series **In the Dark**, which is based on the two novels **Time of Death** and **In the Dark**, by the author Mark Billingham. Mark Billingham’s novels have been adapted previously as the SKY Channel seres **Thorne**, with David Morressey in the lead role.

**In the Dark** revolves around the detective Helen Weeks, and is set in Manchester, which is also where the the series will be filmed. The script writer is Danny Brocklehurst, who previously has written Ordinary Lines, The Driver, and Exile. Producer is BBC Drama North, lead by chief of drama Hilary Martin.

The main roles are interpreted by Swedish born MyAnna Buring, and Ben Batt. MyAnna has acted in productions such as Ripper Street, Downton Abbey, The Twilight Saga and the Norwegian series DAG, and Ben Batt has appeared in the TV series The Go Between, Shameless, From Darkness, as well as in movies like Captain America. Other actors in the series include David Leon (The Refugees, Rock’n’Rolla) and Matt King (Peep Show).

The Series In the Dark consists of two separate stories, where Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen directs one of the stories in its entirety, which consists of two one hour episodes. The other story will be directed by French director Gilles Bannier, director of The Tunnel, the English adaptation of the Swedish/Danish success crime series Broen.

Ulrik directs the two episodes that are based on the book “In the Dark”, which tell the story of a murder mystery in Manchester, which among other themes involve immigrant gangs.

– “My background of writing and directing TAXI, which won the Gullruten award for best Norwegian drama series, is what has opened BBCs eyes for me. To me it is fantastic to get to do a job in England, with none other than BBC, who for me stand as a seal of quality. I am looking forward to it.” says Ulrik.

The series will be televised at the end of the year, on BBC1.